Record* all your telephone calls and receive all audio files in your Email Address

Free Call Recording Software


There are many reasons why people want to record calls from a landline phone, some of them are:
  • Listen your children or spouse conversations, when you are not at home.

  • To track your sales or billing department and know how they are talking to your clients.

  • To find out if your employees are making calls that are not work related.

  • To Record evidence of extortion calls or malicious calls.

  • To Receive in your email the recordings that your customers leave recorded on your answering machine, as soon as they hang up.

  • Or just to have recordings of telephone conversations that occur on your property. * (Before using this program on your phone line, please read our DISCLAIMER with useful tips at the end of this page.)


To record your landline telephone calls, from anywhere in the world, all you need are this three things:

This telephone adapter is used to connect the phone to your computer, which is commonly available in any area, usually sold at electronics stores for less than Us$ 5, with the name of "Line Recorder & Tester", this adapter is a small box with three connections: a connection to the telephone, the other to telephone line and an audio plug that must be connected to the microphone input of your computer, if you want to buy this adapter from Amazon, you can purchase it directly through this link:
(This is an optional device, because if you do not have this adapter yet, you can always record sounds using the microphone of your computer)

You need a laptop or a computer connected to the internet, this computer does not have to be sophisticated (any Used CPU with Windows System, would be fine), The minimum requirements for this computer or laptop are: Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8), to have a stable internet connection, with a minimum speed of 256kb, a microphone, 500 Megabytes Ram, 10Gb hard drive and at least an AMD processor, Atom or Pentium 4.

In addition to the optional telephone adapter and the computer, you will need to have our voice activated software, which can be downloaded here for free, our program lets you record conversations and receive them in your email in Mp3 format as soon as the call is concluded. If you do not have a telephone adapter, you can always download our software and test it whit your computer's microphone, by just talking to your microphone.


The program is completely FREE and can be downloaded from this site to any computer with Windows system (XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8)

This software allows you to listen all your incoming and outgoing landline telephone calls in mp3 format, wherever you are, by just checking your email from your laptop, ipad, iphone or blackberry. This program is also useful to receive immediately by email, all voice messages that customers leave recorded on your answering machine, as soon as they hang up, thereby you will be able to provide a better customer service by never missing a call, without having to call back your answer machine to listen to your recordings.

Our program will send all phone call recordings to your email in real time with an MP3 file attachment as soon as the call is terminated, indicating the exact date and time of each call, for easy searching at your gmail.

For proper operation of the system, your computer must be turned on for as long as you wish to record your calls, this computer should be isolated in a safe place and used exclusively for recording your telephone calls, otherwise the call recording could stop working.


The program can be downloaded absolutely FREE, however the program requires a valid license to send emails, but you can download a free license that allows you to receive in your email up to 3 call recordings in mp3 format to see how the system works.

Yo can test the program now, Even if you do not have a line recorder adapter, by simply speaking into the microphone on your computer, and the program will work as a remote spying ear, through the microphone of your laptop. If you decide to use the program without the telephone adapter, the program could also be used to record and receive any room sound or your employees conversation.

(Note that if there is a lot of noise in the environment, this option would not be appropriate, because any noise would be recorded as an audio file. The Recordings through your computer's microphone would be appropriate only in closed offices or places with low noise, or conversely if your microphone is very weak then it would not record the talks with little volume, for that reason we suggest to use this program with a telephone adapter for a better audio quality. Any how, you can download the program right now and get a free license, then try the program by using only the microphone of your computer in order to see the usefulness of this system)


The program is completely portable (16 MB) and is downloaded as a ZIP file which contains all the files to be copied to your computer, (if you do not have a zip file unpacker then you can download this free program:

To install the program should create a folder on your hard drive called
then download in that folder all the files contained in the ZIP file, and finally run this file:
(This program only works with Windows operated systems)

To donwload the program, click on:


To use the program, you must first download the ZIPed program and unpackit on your computer (in c:\phonerecordings), then you must get a license, you can choose between a free license or a paid license.

The free license allows you to test the program with three Mp3 recordings sent to your email for free.

The paid license allows you to receive unlimited recordings to your email, in MP3 files

At the expiration of your license, the program will tell you that the license has expired and if you determine that the program was of great value for your business (which probably will be), then you may renew your license again directly on this website.

The purchase of your own license can be done online, through our website, with SSL security when checking out, by any VISA credit card, immediately upon completion of your payment, you will receive the license file in your email, then you must save or drag the license file to the directory where you installed the program.

To get your license now, click on any of these options:

(The paid license is not recurrent or renewed automatically, the customer is the only one who decides when to renew a license. With a paid license, the maximum duration of each mp3 attachment is 15 minutes, aprox.15Mb, price do not include taxes, isr, or any other taxes for any country)


The use of this system is unique and exclusively to monitor YOUR OWN landline phone within your OWN PROPERTY, The user of this software is the only legally responsible for all his phone recordings. do not have access to any audio file, neither any user's password, or user's contact information, because all the recordings are directly sent from the client's computer to his email address. Note that in some states or countries this may be an illegal activity, in fact, several companies, to avoid legal problems, in addition to the use of this software, they are required to have an answering machine, which is heard just before answering each call, with a recording "beep" or with the following message: "... Your call could be recorded to ensure the quality of our service", they also notify to all their employees about the phone recording system for business purposes. Given this clarification, we are NOT responsible for any legal implications that any company or person may have for using this software, without following this recomendations.